Open library of Kannada audio textbooks 

for visually challenged students

Ask Google assistant to "play Kannada Pustaka Podcast"

Ask Google assistant to "play Kannada Pustaka Podcast"


Creating audiobooks for visually challenged students


Textbook chapters as podcast episodes

Our podcast channel is hosts all the synthesized audio chapters in Suchendra Prasada's voice. Podcast is free to access and is available on Android platform as well.

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Why digitise textbooks?

Digitization enables instant conversion of text to audio, Braille and special formats such as epub or DAISY. There is no limit to volume of text and that means books are available instantly!

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How we deliver books?

Special schools have sparse or no access to internet resources. We have sent out CDs with audio and Braille books. Podcast channel serve as digital library

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Get involved

Join hands and help digitise Kannada textbooks. You can also adopt a special school near you and guide them in using accessible textbooks

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Digital accessible library: Setting new benchmarks in education

We have delivered published textbooks in audio and Braille format to all schools across the state. Podcast provides seamless access to textbooks almost anywhere needed!


It is our responsibility!

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