Audio books

Textbook chapters are available as podcast episodes on iTunes. We have  sent these audiobooks to all schools for special children across Karnataka. 

How do I listen to the chapters?

Look for Kannada Pustaka channel in podcast store

For Android users, we recommend Podcast republic

Look for Podcast republic on Google play store. 

Look for Podcast republic on Google play store. 

Podcast republic has many useful features including

  • Playback speed
  • Audio effect and Equaliser 
  • Chapter marks

Offline access setup

After subscribing to the channel go to Settings > Episodes > 'When an episode is 100% played', disable

'Delete from playlists' and 'Delete the download'. 

Podcast audio file specification

32 Kbps constant bit rate Mono MP3; 16000 Hz sample rate

6 min audio will be about 1.5 MB mp3 file

A 180 page book converted to audio will be about 7 hour long with a total file size of about 100 MB 

Braille textbooks

Digital copies of Braille textbooks are available for download. These files are shared under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 license. The purchase does not require any payment information to be submitted. Leave the card information blank.