How it started?

It all started at Indian Institute of Science, Prakruthi cafe. Early 2015, A bunch of researchers happened to talk about the technology just 100m away from where they were sitting and organically this lead to a series of meetings, training and sharing. Teachers from Sharadadevi School, Shivamogga became the first test bed to test and apply the technology. Despite months after sharing the OCR and TTS software with the school, there was no content creation and they could not use it! 

Though this was a setback, this informal experiment highlighted to us the fact that it is not the technology but the application that is lacking. We felt it is better to create such content and share it with all.

It was at IISc MILE lab that we used to meet, scan textbooks, convert them to Google Documents and share among a bunch of friends on a Facebook Group. In no time, we could cleanup the textbook chapters and we had a set of chapters to convert to mp3 audio. 

Naturally, we were amazed at the power of distributed volunteering and we were unaware of the face that we were developing probably the first distributed proofreading platform to create Unicode education material for differently abled students. 

Ranganathaiah S. met Prof AGR at his office on 12th of October 2016

Ranganathaiah S. met Prof AGR at his office on 12th of October 2016