Everyone has the power to inspire change


The ‘Education for All’ or the ‘Millennium Development Goal of universal completion of primary education’ cannot be achieved without ensuring access to education for children with different physical and mental abilities. 

The idea of Kannada Pustaka is an active, passionate and voluntary social initiative towards achieving this objective by providing resources to visually challenged students to empower and enable them so that they can effectively compete with their peers in school and ultimately in society. 

Kannada Pustaka is a group of committed individuals working together to create digital and accessible Kannada textbooks. The group’s activities are driven by an underlying belief that everyone has the power to inspire change, enrich the lives of others and make the world a better place. This initiative hopes to spread the light of education to the visually challenged community by creating an economically viable and technologically-powered storehouse of knowledge, so that students are not excluded from mainstream education opportunities. 

Nitasha Sharma

PhD candidate, Indiana University, Bloomington.