Proofreading is not a tedious task, it is simple and highly satisfying

I had been looking for an opportunity to do pro bono work and KannadaPustaka has provided me with an opportunity to do one from the confines of my home and balancing my responsibilities. Working with KannadaPustaka has been a pleasure and a learning experience. The group’s singleminded focus and drive in accomplishing their objective has been exemplary and is an example to us all. KannadaPustaka has volunteers from all over the world whose work is seamlessly integrated through a simple and robust process. 

With the help of proofreading, I vicariously relive my student days and acquaint myself better with Karnataka and its language Kannada. Under the gentle and able guidance of the book coordinators, proofreading is not a tedious task and is highly satisfying. The technical team has endeavoured to ensure that the proofreading can be done with ease through relevant training, simple methodology and timely support. I would like to thank team KannadaPustaka and hope to continue to work for them.

Jyothika Bhat