DAISY India Director's thoughts

Here is the transcript of one of the video clips where, Dipendra Manocha, Director, DAISY India forum, talks about Kannada Pustaka

My salute to all the volunteers who are registering on kannadapustaka.org. What a great service you're doing!One of the best thing that I would like...that I like for.. from this kannadapustaka.org is that the process of volunteers being able to contribute a distributed proofreading process so that people, wherever they are in the world, can actually register as volunteers and they can contribute by proofreading which is obviously a very time consuming, resource consuming task. And if even a little bit of time together, that accumulated time will become a huge resource for us. Well! we know that there were some initiatives by book share, etc, in the US who took advantage of these resources and I am so happy that something like this has come for India and for volunteers from India to get registered and in this proofreading part. Kannadapustaka.org is such a great initiative and it is something which is filling such a huge gap. We know that lot of people want to come and help persons who cannot read normal print. Books are the biggest source of knowledge and we want that ..this source ..this huge source of knowledge should be made available to the people cannot read normal print.

And this has come.. kannadapustaka.org has come like a good source for involving volunteers in a large a number to be able to contribute to create that content in an accessible format that people with disabilities can read themselves. It is absolutely wonderful initiative and I hope for a day when kannadapustaka.org can become indiapustaka.org