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Kannada Dani

recorded kannada audio textbook project  

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Photo by Daisy Costello & Gaurav Vaz

Raghu Dixit has initiated this dream project where he passionately is overseeing the recording of all the Kannada textbooks starting with high school textbooks to begin with. Raghu Dixit believes in quality.  We recognise the synthesised audio are not perfect owing to the quality of the synthesiser. However, through this project, lead by Harish Narasimha, we are probably for the first time in Karnataka, recording all the textbooks in Wandering Minstrels Records studio. AudioLife has joined hands and audio engineer interns are meticulously working to get all the textbooks recorded. 

Volunteer with us! 

1. Voice volunteers

Volunteers sourced from Facebook! Raghu Dixit called for volunteers who then sent out audio samples that three of our language experts and then Raghu Dixit making the final selection. Currently about 20 volunteers who have gone through rigorous rounds of audition and assessment recording one textbook each.

If you would like to contribute and be a voice volunteer, download this one page text, read it out and send your voice samples to us. Three of our language experts and finally Raghu Dixit will assess the entries. If chosen, you will get the wonderful opportunity to record Kannada textbook in one of the best studios in Bengaluru! Give it a try! 

We recommend you use this free android application to record your voice 

Done with the recording? Please submit your recording below:

2. Language experts

While recording, we need amazing people to be able to guide the recording session. After all, the clarity of the recording, pronunciation and pace is of utmost important! So if you have the language skills and sharpness to help aid the recording process, do drop us an email at You will be able volunteer and support the recording sessions and ensure quality. 

3. Sound engineer interns

if you an aspiring audio engineer and would like to intern in this project, you will be working at Wandering Minstrels Records and trained by AudioLife! Do drop us a line if you want to grab this opportunity!