How you can help?

You can volunteer in proofreading textbook chapters. We will soon open up opportunities to take these textbooks to schools near you and train students and teachers in using digital textbooks. 

Get involved in proofreading

Scanned OCR text require cleanup. Our volunteers proofread the text on GoogleDocs. After 3-4 rounds of cleanup, the text is formatted for Audio and Braille conversion. Proofreading is easy and you can do it in your free time. 

Why proofread?

The OCR technology we use is not perfect. The text that is scanned needs to be corrected. The textbooks are shared as chapters with our volunteers who use the original textbook to compare and correct. Each chapter goes through at least four rounds of cleanup before it is used for conversion into accessible formats. The learning that has happened till now has been compiled as the proofreaders manual. Here are some interesting videos that you might like.  

Registration steps:

Step 1: Click here to register as volunteer

Step 2: Read the proofreaders manual

Step 3: Take the training form

At the end of training form, you get the link to enrol as proofreader

MD Pallavi sends her greetings to all our volunteers who worked hard in creating 10th textbooks.

This video demonstrates the cleanup process our coordinators do on proofread chapters. 

How we credit volunteers

Here is the list of contributors who worked on different books/chapters. We include their names in alphabetic order. Every contributor irrespective of task and time contributed, gets listed on the same list. You can suggest changes by commenting on the respective chapters.