Our Vision

The power of web volunteering & digital content


Kannada Pustaka believe that access to books is key to education. We strongly believe that as a society, we need to raise the standards of inclusive education and create more opportunities for the visually impaired. At Kannada Pustaka, we give them the tools to succeed by providing books in the formats they need. We are proud to have created the first digital library of accessible Kannada textbooks.

Students with born vision disability and those who suffer vision loss do not have easy access to books, they must learn Braille or wait, often endlessly, for other recorded audio formats. With a vision to bring all students the textbooks they need in the format they prefer, we turned digital. We created the first digital library of accessible Kannada textbooks. 

At Kannada Pustaka, we create editable textbook chapters through a semi-automated distributed proofreading process. Unicode used with text to speech synthesis engines provides an approach to create audio files almost instantly. Without this platform this process would be very time consuming to generate the volume of textbooks that students need.

Usually, visually impared students rely on scattered and isolated groups of volunteers to record textbook audio. This method is time intensive, often not quality controlled and the recordings are only shared within small groups. The recordings are not comprehensive in terms of content and subject. At Kannada Pustaka, volunteers generate digitized and cleaned text which are instantly turned into synthesized audio and Braille formats crunching all the uncertain waiting period. We have built the first digital open digital library of accessible textbooks in Kannada to provide instant access to all students.

This project is completely voluntary and we rely on dedicated contributors who devote their time to correcting textbooks converted from print or PDF.  We welcome your contributions in your time in building this library or helping a school near you. Lets together create a better accessible world with better reach!

Shimoga Rakesh

Founding volunteer

A bright student describing Braille to Rakesh  

A bright student describing Braille to Rakesh