Kannada Dani

recorded kannada audio textbook project  

Raghu Dixit has initiated this dream project with Kannada Pustaka with a very simple yet challenging objective. To record textbooks in his studio. He called out volunteers on Facebook and after two different intensity auditions, we have all the high school textbooks audiorecorded. Such a volume of recording is unprecedented not only for the studio but probably is the largest audio content initiative in Karnataka. Our voice artists never had a formal training in studio recording nor are they language experts. Yet, our motivated team of voice artists volunteers and engineer interns from AudioLife, we have completed recording our first pilot pase.

21 voice artists, 10 sound engineers have recorded 24 textbook over a very tight schedule.

Get involved in prooflistening 

All the textbooks that we have recorded need rigorous quality check and the first step is to prooflisten.


Our output