How good are synthesised audiobooks for the visually challenged students?

Srinandan Raya

Internship period: December 2018 to November 2019

Training: questionnaire survey analysis and academic writing

Output: the study will lead to a publication in a peer reviewed journal along with a brief internship report by the intern

The project

With this research internship project taken up by Srinandan under the supervision of Rakesh Tiwari, we ask two main questions:

  1. How good are synthesised audiobooks as study materials for visually challenged students and

  2. Can description of schematic illustrations and figures in textbooks be of interest to visually challenged students?

In this cross section study, Srinandan is interviewing visually challenged students and teachers across Karnataka covering six districts. During the interviews, Srinandan plays a carefully chosen synthesized audio clips (Clip 1 and Clip 2) generated using Madhuravāchaka. Following which, Srinandan administers a short questionnaire focused on understanding the their study needs. The study also attempts to assess how structural annotations (page number indication, heading level indication, etc.,) that are added to audiobooks useful for the students. Through this project, Kannada Pustaka is understanding the utility of synthesised audiobooks as study materials. During the internship, Srinandan will be trained in

Srinandan Srinivas

Srinandan Srinivas

Srinandan Srinivasa is an undergraduate student intern from MES college, Bengaluru. Srinandan is very keen on understanding the utility of synthesised audio format as content delivery medium for visually challenged students. Apart from his undergraduate course and internship, Srinandan is interested in photography, volunteering and is interested in neurosciences.

Have you already been recording audiobooks and sharing it with visually challenged students in your area? you could help this research. We are studying how synthesised audio and amateur recordings as study materials. Please send us your audio clips through this form below. Please note this is not an audition for voice artists. This is focused on amateur volunteers across Karnataka who have been, for a long time recording audiobooks for schools and students near them.