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Kannada Pustaka has always been at the cutting edge of education technology application. We support undergraduate and postgraduate student interns to address some of the research questions we have. Rakesh Tiwari, our founder will be directly involved in project development, training and support of internship projects. Through internship opportunities, we offer a very rigorous, challenging yet supportive training and growth environments for students. Students will acquire new skills while addressing pertinent questions.

Srinandan Srinivas

Srinandan Srinivas

Acceptability of synthesized audiobooks by the visually challenged student community

Srinandan Srinivasa is an undergraduate student intern from MES college, Bengaluru. Srinandan is very keen on understanding the utility of synthesised audio format as content delivery medium for visually challenged students. Using a carefully chosen set of synthesized audio clips generated using Madhuravāchaka, Srinandan is piloting a student questionnaire survey to understand how structural annotations (page number indication, heading level indication, etc.,) that are added to audiobooks useful for the students. Further, he is also testing how description of schematics and figures in textbooks be described for visually challenged. Apart from his undergraduate course and internship, Srinandan is interested in photography, volunteering and is interested in neurosciences.

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